Thank you for visiting our page specifically aimed at churches and places of worship. Virtual tours are a great tool to break down barriers and familiarise potential visitors with the building. They are also a great aid to accessibility because you can see what provision there is prior to visiting and ensure the correct provision is in place.

Below you will find two options to get a virtual tour for your church building. We want this to be as cost effective as possible, and as such there are two different ways of paying for this service.

There is a subscription service which means that the initial outlay is minimal, but will be ongoing as long as you wish to make use of the tour. You would be entitled to a updated tour of the building after two years if you wish to continue using this service.

The other payment option is a one off payment, which will give you the virtual tour for as long as you wish to have it visible. If you wish to update the virtual tour in the future, this will require a new purchase.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!